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How do we acquire the software licences for you?

We always offer legal, authentic software, but how do we acquire such software?

A company, for example, buys several licences of given software. Sometime later that company chooses to use different software or closes its branch. This is where we, Software Bargains, step in and offer to the company a possibility of selling us their unused or redundant software licences. Such licences must always have a safe, legal origin and a certifiable source. You do not have to worry, we do not cooperate with just anybody. When choosing our partners, we abide by our strict policy and criteria, including, for example:

  • the company must prove that it acquired the software legally (this is proven by, for example, supplying us with concluded contracts or invoices)
  • the company must issue a declaration of uninstalling the licence from all devices;
  • the company must supply us with software and licence keys in proper manner;
  • the company must supply us with full information about the entity they bought the licences and/or software from;
  • all software licences must be usable for unlimited period;
  • all software must be supplied on original material medium or on a medium created with an approval of the right holder.

And you, our Customers, benefit from this process. Because if you buy these authentic, genuine licences, you can save up to 50% of your software costs. And, as judged by the Court of Justice of the European Union (and the judgement confirms what we have been saying for a long time), this purchase is completely legal. So just try it, grab a bargain, save your money.


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