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License Verificator

Do not let yourself be tricked by websites selling illegal software

How to distinguish the legal software from the illegal counterfeits?

How to understand that you are entering a deal with an impostor?

Do not buy a pig in a poke, do not buy Windows with your eyes closed

At first it is not evident which software is legal and which not, however there are some signals that will help you identify falsehood.

Read the reviews

Thanks to the review system of many websites, we can get ourselves acquainted with many reactions of other people to the product that interests us. Based on them, you can create your own impression about the product's authenticity and decide whether it is worth buying Windows from that source or if you would rather look further for a more reliable seller.

Tip: Do not get fooled by the sparkling reviews that some sellers write of their illegal software. There have been many cases in which buyers purchased illegal software based of these false odes.

Low price does not always mean a good catch

Operating systems from Microsoft are not sold for a song, that is why many try to earn on them in an illegal way. The counterfeit copies are found not only on auction portals but also of specialized websites. Their purchases usually ends like this:

Or like this:

Sellers of illegal software encounter many obstacles and sooner or later are forced to stop their scheme. Their shop will either cease to profit due to the numerous negative reviews, or they will be stopped by law. In any case, many uninformed people will have to suffer unnecessarily because of a badly made decision.

If you have ordered Windows from an illegal source and:

  • it has actually arrived at your address,

  • and you have actually managed to install it,

  • you are still encountering many risks such as criminal penalties for using illegal software, losing your data, losing you privacy and the like. You can read more information about this on Microsoft's official webpage.


You bought a Windows, but you are not sure of its legality? Check out some tricks that will help you identify the illegal Windows – of help will be, for instance, the label on the product.

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