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HomeGroup settings

Every computer user will, from time to time, have the need to share documents. However, lengthy copying and moving can be quite frustrating. That is why we have chosen to write an article on sharing information, documents and printers in a so-called HomeGroup. What is this HomeGroup? A network of interlinked computers allowing for easy sharing of designated files, folders and printers.

How to create a HomeGroup?

Open HomeGroup by clicking the Start button, clicking Control Panel, typing HomeGroup in the search box and then clicking HomeGroup.


If you have not created a HomeGroup yet, click Create a HomeGroup, and then follow the instructions. You will select files to share with others and then a password will be generated for you. Everyone who wants to connect to HomeGroup you are about to create will have to know this password. You can always find the password here, in this menu (we will explain how later on).

You can also set streaming for any mobile devices connected to the HomeGroup. If you want, you can stream music from your computer on your external player, if the music folder is shared in the HomeGroup.


Password setting and choosing shared folders

The generated password will be a string of upper and lower case letters and numbers. And this is quite hard to remember. When you create a HomeGroup, you can change the generated password. This is how:

After creating the HomeGroup, you will see a window with possible changes in the settings. The window is divided into three parts and the lower part of this window is More actions for HomeGroup. Here you can change the password.

After clicking, the current password will appear and here you can change it. After typing a new password, simply click Next and it is done.


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