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Installation, activation and deactivation of Adobe CS products

Installation and activation

1. Go to Adobe's official web page and download the installation files for the product you need.

Be mindful of the language pack - for example, if you have a license for Adobe Photoshop CS5 English, you must download the English language pack, otherwise the license will not work.

2. Wait for the files to download completely, before you begin installation. For MacOS it’s usually only one file, for Windows - two.

3. Once all installation files have downloaded successfully, open the executable file and follow the steps.

In one of the first steps, the installation wizard will ask for a license key.

If you have the correct installation file and the correct key, the setup will look like this:

If the installation file is incorrect, the setup will look like this:

In such cases, please check if you downloaded the correct files.

4. Finish the installation by continuing with the next steps in the installation wizard.


If you need to move the license key from one computer to another, just open the program and go to Menu at the top of the program window. Click Help => Deactivate, then choose the option ‘Deactivate permanently’.

After that, the dialogue box should look like this:

Now you can activate the product on another computer.

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