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More disc space

The time of the spring tidying just began, so why not think about making order in Your computer? Especially if Your computer or tablet has a lack of space on disc - in that case this guide below will be helpful for You. We will tell You for example how to delete an old version of Windows (if You have updated Your system to WIndows 10), which is still laying on Your disc. Remeber, if You’ll remove Your old system version, You can’t get it back. You’ll save up dozens of gigabytes on Your disc.



Taht’s the name of the file, which You’re going to delete now. Where to find it? Do it step by step. First, find the file. You can do it by pressing the keys Win + S. Type “disc cleaning” in the search box. You can do it regulary by clicking the Start menu, choose the button with magnifying glass and type there “disc cleaning”.

C Drive?


The window will appear, in which You’ll be able to choose, which data You want to delete. If You don’t choose differently, the C: Drive will be chosen - that’s drive on which Windows is gathering it’s data automatically. Then click on the OK button.

Ready in a few minutes

Open the app, which will calculate in a few seconds, how many disc space it can erase. The file list will appear, from which You’ll be able to choose how many files You want to delete. If You don’t want to choose, just click the button “Clean all files”. After a while there will appear a window, from which You can choose an option Previous Windows installation.


Confirm Your choice and click “Delete files”

There will be another window, which will ask You, if You are sure, that You want to delete old version of Windows. Click YES.


Then the process wil begin in which data from ole Windows version will be erased. Usually it takes a few seconds, sometimes few minutes. You’ve just get rid of Your old system version.

Your computer will work faster not only by deleting Your old Windows. You can also delete another files (I don’t mean emptying Your recycle bin by that), which You don’t need. For example program CCleaner will help You with that.

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