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Publisher 2013 installation and activation guide

In this article we will show you, how to install Microsoft Publisher 2013 and how to install it to get the proper language version that you wanted.


Downloading the installation files

1. First you have to download the installation file, from which the software will be installed on your computer – use our ISO Downloader application, which you’ll find here:

2. Run the application, right-click on the Office 2013 software, then choose Publisher 2013 and choose the language you want to install (if you are not sure that you have 32 or 64 bit processor, please read our article:

3. Application will start downloading the installation file on your hard drive.

4. After the download is finished, run the installation file setup.exe.


Software installation 

1. First, you have to accept Software licence terms. Check the checkbox "I accept the terms of this agreement" and click on the Continue button.



2. In the next step you can choose the installation settings (application offer, file localization on you hard-drive or the data about the user).



3. After you will settle the settings, continue by clicking the Install Now button. After that the installation will begin.



4. It’s ready. Installation is over. Continue by clicking the Close button to close the window.



Software activation

1. Run the application from menu Start or by searching it in the searchbox.

2. Click on whatever template to get into main interface.



3. Click on File –> Account (option File you can find in the top menu of application interface) to get into Account settings.




4. Click on link Change Product Key in yellow-lightened field and type in the product key, which you’ve received by e-mail and click on button Install.



 5. If you typed your code correctly, your activation is completed. If the activation isn´t completed, please contact our technical support via phone: +420 228 882 826 or via e-mail:


Changing the application language


1. Click on File –> Options –> Language to get into Language settings.

2. If you want to change the language, you need to download the language set. If you see your language in the top table (like we see Czech language), click on link Not installed. If you don´t see your language, click on dropdown menu "Add additional editing languages" and choose your language and then click on link Not installed. This link will reffer you to webpage where you can download your language set.



3. On the webpage choose the 2013 version, then language that you want and the version of your software (32 or 64 bit). By clicking on the link, the language set will be downloaded on your computer.


4. Run the installation of the language set which you’ve downloaded.

5. Choose the language set for Office 2013 and click the continue button.

6. Accept the terms & conditions and click the button to continue.

7. Now you can again choose the installation settings and then click the Install button.

8. Language set is installed. By clicking the Close button, you will finish the installation.

9. After the installation, the language set follow the official instructions, which you can find under the schedule, from which you have downloaded the set. This guide will help you to set the proper language in all Office applications.

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