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Speed up your operating system

After a computer has been used for a while, the operating system might get substantially slower compared to the time it was first installed. The loading is usually where you find out that something is not okay. This can be eliminated by a few useful tools. Here are some tips how to speed up your computer again.

Unused apps? Off with their heads!

You add more and more apps to the operating system over time and you might not use some of them anymore. Or, perhaps, you don't even know what apps you have there anymore. The amount of redundant apps might slow the computer down, so the first step towards a faster system is to uninstall unused applications. The tool for uninstallation of applications can be found in Control panel, under Add or remove programs or under Programs—Uninstall a program.


Disc defragmentation

A disc defragmentation can rapidly improve the file search on a hard drive by joining individual fragments of a file into coherent clusters. More on disc defragmentation, guides for Windows XP and Windows 7 and information on automatic defragmentation can be found in our tutorial here.

Limiting the number of start-up programs

A lot of apps will run on start-up by default and this just slows down the computer unnecessarily. That is why it is recommended to limit the number of start-up programs to a minimum. In Windows XP, you can do this by clicking Start, then Run and type “msconfig” into the space provided. In Windows 7, you can type “msconfig” directly into the Search field and run the app from there. Go to the Startup tab and here you select what programs will run on system start-up.

Windows 7 advanced setting

All previous options of speeding up the system are usable on both Windows versions. Windows 7 also offers additional tools to speed up the system at the expense of design and functional aspects.

Features restriction

You can speed up your system by restricting certain features that you do not use. To get to the list of features, go to the Control Panel and select the Programs and Features tab. Click Enable or disable Windows features on the left side of the menu. A new window will pop up where you can select the features you want to use or disable. If there is a black square in the checkbox, it means that only certain elements of that feature are used. To see all elements of a particular feature, click the “+” button on the left of each feature.

Design and appearance restriction

You can also restrict the design and appearance features of Windows, which are slowing the system down. The Aero theme, featuring a transparent glass design and live window previews is slowing down the system quite a bit. To change the themes simply open Personalization by clicking the Start button, clicking Control Panel and then Personalization. Here, under Basic and High Contrast Themes, click Windows 7 Basic or one of the High Contrast themes. If you want to restrict or disable only certain features of the Aero theme, search for the “Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows” menu. Here, select the Custom option and then choose the features you want to enable or disable.


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